Sacred School of the Prophecy

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Rokat Technology

Gate Crystal

The Gate Crystal is a technology the Rokat stole from the Vinori.  The Gate Crystal pictured here is activated.  This unit was photographed inside a Starship.

Gate Crystal technology is classified as Magi-Tech.  The Rokat have a network of Gate Crystals and Gate Crystal Hubs located in major city centers that connect to other planets and so forth.  Gate Crystal Hubs are the cheapest method of travel between worlds within the Rokat Empire.

A Gate Crystal can connect two locations physically or spiritually.  The Rokat first presented this Magi-Tech as a way to connect Spiritual realms to the physical reality.  It is later discovered the Rokat can actually travel between the planets of their vast empire by using Gate Crystals.

The Gate Crystal is activated by one of two known rituals.  One ritual connects the sorcerer to a spiritual realm by force.  The sorcerer that activates a Gate Crystal to connect a spiritual realm to reality can enter the spiritual realm without having to raise his or her vibration to match.  The Gate Crystal allows passage between any two points, even if the other point is normally not reachable by mundane technology.

The second ritual connects two physical points, but in order to function, there must be a Gate Crystal at the other end.  The Rokat only establish Gate Crystals in locations where they can be used safely, because the system set up works both ways.  The Gate Crystal Network is a system of Gate Crystals and priests trained in their usage.  The Gate Crystal Network is used in well established Rokat colonies in order to maintain diplomatic connections between their wealthy sectors.

A Gate Crystal Priest can connect to any Gate Crystal he knows about.  When the Gate Crystal is established, it is identified by its location.  If the portal does not open, that means there is no Gate Crystal to connect to.  Since the wealthy people on Kidasuna have Gate Crystals, they have artificially raised the price of owning one to prevent everyone from gaining access.  The system is used by politicians and armies to move from planet to planet without a starship.

Plans have been made in the past to have a civilian Gate Crystal Network, but this was never done, because Gate Crystals can be linked to any other in the system.  Since the price for a private Gate Crystal can cost over a billion Ruva, which would be the entire budgets of many nations, there is an extreme limit on access to the system by the general public.

The wealthy Rokat who own a Gate Crystal keep the Gate Crystal in a Portal Shrine.  The Portal Shrine is a single room temple that is about 25 feet squared.  The room is not enclosed, but is surrounded by pillars.  The Portal Shrine is usually built away from the main house, due to the fact that anyone with access to a Gate Crystal has access to the Portal Shrine.  Portal Shrines are guarded very well from the inside, rather than the outside.  No one knows who might appear in the Portal Shrine, so guards are posted to guard the Crystal and make sure no one comes through that can threaten the owner.

Project Armageddon

This is one of Kidasuna’s most diabolical programs I know about.  Yes there is human ranching and slaves, but the Rokat have turned personal computing into a weapon of super-mass destruction.  There is nothing worse than having to fear the machine you are forced to use at home, at work and anywhere in between.  As computers gain in computing power, there is a hidden threat.

Project Armageddon started in 5917 (1939) of the common year.  Lakisha Hadis is the founding member.  These scientists were brought from Baline Labs, Weaponized Software Division.  The team started work on Project Armageddon in 5917 in Shanibala, Gunoshiva Prefecture.  The first successful tests of weaponized software were done in 5919.  5917 had a few mysterious deaths, but the cause of death is not stated in my notes.  By 5919, the software was used to successfully kill 300 Rokat.

Later in 5919 (1942) Black Box was retired to the shelf to be used later.  The team was set to strengthen Black Box as Shadow Box.  Black Box was said to have a 20% mortality rate, which Jakoba at the time said was too weak.

In 5920 (1943), the team was split between two projects.  One team was to increase the deadliness of Shadow Box, which led to the deaths of 500 humans.  Shadow Box was supposed to only work on humans, but this is clearly not the case, because it works on Rokat and Puthadians alike.  This subroutine is known to cause nose bleeds and a feeling of earthquakes when installed on human designed computers.  The other project was Ghost Box, which was used by humans during the Philadelphia Experiment.  Obviously it had some nasty side affects.

Later in 5920 (1944), Shadow Box was used for a first time as a weapon against the Chikopa.  It must have looked silly to have a laptop computer pointed at an invading Chikopa horde, but it killed 79 of them.  Black Box was used somewhere else to test other affects of the death ray from the monitor.  It was not strong enough to repel and invading force, so it was abandoned by the team.  Shadow Box is further worked on and refined.

5921 (1945) saw another attempt to convert the weaponized Shadow Box to only harm humans, but this fails too.  Shadow Box is used once again to defend Shanibala and 200 Chikopa Warriors are killed.

In early 5922 (1947) the strange properties of Ghost Box is successfully used to phase a starship into another frequency of matter that can pass unhindered through solid objects such as planets and stars.

Later in 5922 (1948) the Rokat begin to force the Puthadians to install Shadow Box into their office computers.  This time there is a switch to activate the weaponized software and killing those exposed without warning.

In mid 5927 (1955) another project comes out of Shanibala.  This is called Death Box and it was intended to help sorcerers manifest rituals.  The subroutine and Jakoba are sent to Earth to be tested with the hardest demon to manifest.  Jakoba attempts to perform the Sahia Manifestations rituals with no results.

In late 5930 (1960), the Rokat try another attempt with Death Box, which is going very slowly.  Jakoba successfully summons Sahia Blood Queen with Earth Manifestation and a huge earthquake strikes Chile.  Jakoba is called back to Kidasuna before he could attempt any further spells.

Early 5932 (1962) proved to be a very scary year for Project Armageddon.  An attempt is made to open a portal to Kurane with Death Box’s manifestation abilities.  In mid 5933, Jakoba makes another attempt to get away with Earth Manifestation.  Sahia delivers a huge earthquake to Alaska.  Shakina prevented any further progress of the Shahia Manifestations.  She believed that the potential destructive power was too great.

In mid 5935 (1967) Jakoba begins to self experiment with Death Box, by sending his soul to Hell.  Jakoba starts to go insane.  By the end of the year, all the scientists from Black Box are executed.

In late 5936 (1969) the whole team of scientists is executed.  This causes world wide panic of the end of the world, because the weapons are now owned by Jakoba.  The weaponized software as a whole is used with wild abandon and millions die as a result.  Justice is never brought to Jakoba for his heinous crimes.  Lakisha is probably executed as a result.

By the time 5940 (1975) is coming to a close Jakoba sells Black Box to the Puthadians.  This creates much discord among the Rokat Elite.  2,000 Rokat are killed by serious burns in office buildings.  Black Box’s radiation only affects organic material.

In mid 5941 (1976) Shadow Box was sold to the Rokat Elite and forcibly installed in Puthade’s computers.  40,000 Damos die as a result of testing its strength.  Soon after the test, both Black Box and Shadow Box are forcibly installed in Puthade’s offices and Jakoba holds the switch to activate the subroutines.

At the start of 5944 (1980) Death Box is further refined and is installed onto several Black Moons to be used as a teleportation device.  It is already known that use of Death Box as such causes psychosis.  This test probably has to do with the Rokat’s ongoing attempts to enter higher dimensions in physicality.

Later in 5944 (1981) Jakoba has already used Death Box on several occasions and is going completely insane.  He starts to only eat human babies.  There is no end to the psychosis created by using Death Box as a teleportation device.  There must be some success in that it does teleport the starship.

Now it is 5946 and Jakoba’s insanity from using Death Box is starting to frighten his crews.  Jakoba is probably having a lot of crew changes at this point.  In late 5946 (1984) Jakoba’s psychosis leads him to try to teleport the whole of Shanibala to Earth using Death Box.  The power plant for the city explodes from the power drain and leaves Shanibala without power for 16 days.

In 5950 (1990), some Rokat Scientists try to take Project Armageddon from Jakoba.  Jakoba executes all the scientists associated with this plan by forcing them in front of an activated Shadow Box.  Shadow Box is one of Jakoba methods of execution and it seems to be used frequently.

In 5955 (1997) it was found that Shadow Box has an added side affect in that it prevent human souls from reincarnating if they died from it.  Jakoba creates a whole new team of scientists to further develop the technology of Project Armageddon.  Jakoba begins to order new versions to be made from already existing Boxes.  First was Black Shadow Box and it was proven that it kills even faster.  The combination causes Soul Death to occur in humans.

In 5958 (2001), the Rokat went nuts and decided to add Death Box to an already lethal weapon.  A whole new lab was set up in Shanibala to construct Black Shadow of Death Box.  The Rokat Empire under Supreme Empress Shakina bans Black Shadow of Death Box, due to how deadly it is and in 5960 (2004), Jakoba bans the use of his own creation, because it was so deadly.  The project is shelved for the time being.

Later in 5960 (2005), the Rokat sold Black Box to the humans to install in personal computers.  The sale went down with 80 tons of scrap iron.  Jakoba had to make it look like a transaction instead of giving it away.  In 5962 (2008), the Rokat sell Shadow Box to the humans.  It is clear now that it might have been the first incarnation of the subroutine.  The sale was finalized with 300 human children.  Shadow Box causes nose bleeds and earthquake like sensations.  It is also known to cause burns and disorientation.

There is a mad rush to expand and develop Project Armageddon once Jakoba became Supreme Emperor of the Rokat Empire.  There is a first wave of development in 5963 with two projects at once.  Fire Box and White Box were made by two teams in two different labs.  One lab is in Kidasuna Toki and the other is at home base in Baline Labs.  Fire Box was intended only to be used on humans and this subroutine causes madness and rage, but it also worked on reptilians as well.

All through 5963 (2009), White Box saw a lot of resources poured into making it work.  The intended outcome is to create a Unified Mind that answers only to Jakoba.  White Box might be deployed through television and is probably why there was a sudden switch to a digital signal.  The project is probably still ongoing.

Fire Box was started the following year in 5964 (2010).  Fire Box causes madness and rage, so it is probably going to be tested on Rokat to make them fight harder and fiercer than ever before.  I do not know much about the testing of Fire Box, but I would have to guess it will have battlefield uses.

The mad rush for new weapons jumps to Blue Box in Kidasuna’s lab in 5964 (2010).  Not much is known about this software other than it almost burned down the lab that was working on it.  The person using it was burned away completely, so it is probably named for the blue fires of Kurane.

In 5965 (2011) Project Armageddon started to make something called Blood Box.  The only thing that is known about it is that it is something Jakoba really wants.  What is does is unknown due to Rokat keeping the project really secret.  I can assume it will kill in some terrible way.  Blood Box was rushed into completion to unite both teams in Shikodu for the latest.  Hell Box was started in 5966 (2013) to manipulate the sun.  It is not clear how this will be done, but the Rokat might have to deploy it with their starships.  It was described as having a Kurane Core in a computer.

In mid 5966 (2013) Jakoba orders a rushed version of Ghost Box to be installed on War Core 1.  The War Core is said to have a teleportation range of one light year.  The research team is onboard War Core 1 and development of the subroutine is being worked on.

Black Box:

Date: 5917-5919

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Lakisha Hadis

Description: Kills by burning the flesh of the user with 20% mortality.

Shadow Box:

Date: 5919-5922 5955

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Lakisha Hadis

Description: Version 1 kills by burning the flesh of the user with 90% mortality.  Version 2 does the same as Version 1, but does not allow human who dies from it to reincarnate.

Ghost Box:

Date: 5920-5922 5966- still in development

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Lakisha Hadis

Description: Version 1 is a stealth technology that allows stealthed object to pass through normal matter unhindered.  Version 2 is a teleportation device with a one light year range.

Death Box:

Date: 5927-5936 5944-5946

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Lakisha Hadis

Description: Version 1 helps the user manifest demonic activity.  Version 2 is used to teleport physical matter through the spiritual realms.

Black Shadow Box:

Date: 5955-5958

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Stihada Faniru, Software Engineer Kaniba Faniru, Computer engineer Miro Torinani, Programmers Kithana Lugali and Firise Numoji

Description: Causes massive burns and prevents the souls of humans killed by it from reincarnating.

Black Shadow of Death Box:

Date: 5958-5960

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Stihada Faniru, Software Engineer Kaniba Faniru, Computer engineer Miro Torinani, Programmers Kithana Lugali and Firise Numoji

Description: Sacrifices the user by fire and releases evil energy.

White Box:

Date: 5963-5965

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Stihada Faniru, Software Engineer Kaniba Faniru

Description: Creates a Unified Mind controlled by Jakoba.

Fire Box:

Date: 5964-5966

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Stihada Faniru, Software Engineer Kaniba Faniru

Description: Causes blind rage in the user.

Blue Box:

Date: 5964-5966

Known Scientists: Computer engineer Miro Torinani, Programmers Kithana Lugali and Firise Numoji

Description: Creates enough heat to start fires and burns the user to ashes.

Blood Box:

Date: 5965-5966

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Stihada Faniru, Software Engineer Kaniba Faniru

Description: affects unknown

Hell Box:

Date: 5966-still in development

Known Scientists: Head Scientist Stihada Faniru, Software Engineer Kaniba Faniru, Computer engineer Miro Torinani, Programmers Kithana Lugali and Firise Numoji

Description: Acts like a Kurane Core.

Fission-Fusion Reactor

The Rokat have mastered a technology that in my channeled texts is called a Jakoshakium Reactor.  The Rokat have their names for the parts, but I have my own, which I will be using.  The reactor is the key to powering very large starships called Kurane Cores, which are the same size as the moon and are as heavy as Venus or Earth.  This type of reactor can be made very small to power things like Black Moons, which are a 300 foot wide starships.

I will be going into how the reactor works as best I can from material I have about them.  I do not have any training in this field, so I will do what I can to explain how it works.  I am still not sure if this is how the Fission-Fusion Reactor actually works, because the Rokat can try to explain it and it will just be lost on my uneducated ears.  I have asked this, but they will not allow humans to have this technology, even though it is beyond the technology of Earth to build such a thing.

The image shows how I think the atomic elements move inside the reactor cores.  First of all, a reactor core is built one atom at a time to ensure perfection.  The reactor elements are kept at absolute zero by exposure to counter frequencies to the heat they would otherwise give off.  This method is used to turn the reactor off and regulate the speed of the reaction.

The two red atoms are called jakobium in honor of Jakoba the Supreme Emperor and the blue atoms are called shakinium in honor of my mother in a past life.  These are by no means the actual given names for these particles.  The atomic mass I was told for jakobium is 924.  The atomic mass of shakinium is 616.  I do not know if this is true or not, because the Rokat know I am publishing this material to the humans.

The description of how a Fission-Fusion Reactor works is that the jakobium is radioactive while shakinium is fusing.  The jakobium if paired will break down into three shakinium atoms, while at the same time the three shakinium atoms at the other end fuse to form two jakobium atoms.  At the apex of the reaction where all the subatomic particles are at the center of the chamber, the electrons reverse direction.  Inside the reactor itself, the speed of the reaction is so fast that the electrons only get to move a few atoms in any direction.  The switching of the jakobium and the shakinium will be called an Atomic Piston.

The Atomic Piston switches places hundreds of billions of times a second and is producing high levels of deadly radiation.  The power produced by the Atomic Piston is then brought down to a usable frequency of 100 hertz, by power converters.  Each Atomic Piston is paired with another Atomic Piston that oscillates in the opposite direction in some attempt to nullify the radiation with counter frequencies.

There are trillions and trillions of these molecular reactor cells inside a full sized core.  A Kurane Core may have as many as 200 tons of material radiating away inside the core.  This system produces unlimited energy.

Kurane Cores

The Kurane Core is probably the most difficult thing the Rokat can build.  The Kurane Core Program the Rokat are embarking on is actually part of a much larger program they have to build an entire Galaxy.  Kurane Cores are only the first step in a project that might last for a million years.

The Kurane Core is a device that is a moon sized starship that has the mass of a planet.  A Kurane Core has the ability to synthesize atomic elements, but the Kurane Cores being manufactured by the Rokat only turn heavier elements back into hydrogen to keep a star fueled indefinitely.  We already talked about the Fission-Fusion reactor that powers a Kurane Core, so now it is time to go into the mechanism of the Kurane Core itself.

Another aspect of the Kurane Core is a solution to the loss of mass from a star due to the solar winds.  Depending on the size of the star being worked with, this can be solved by a dimensional gate.  The Kurane Core can pull matter from other parts of this universe or another entirely to replenish the mass of the star or increase the mass of a red dwarf into a yellow dwarf like the sun.  I do not know how wormholes work, but I am guessing that is how the dimensional gate works.

The more gruesome aspect of a Kurane Core is that spiritual energy can also be converted into physical matter.  The Rokat have a strong belief and spiritual tradition of allowing the souls of criminals to be fed into the Kurane Core’s energy into matter systems.  The crew of a Kurane Core is about 500,000.

Rokat Starships

This chapter will talk about the known types of ships used by the Rokat.  There are many types used for different tasks.  I probably do not know about all the hull shapes, but I will talk about the ones I know about and have a picture for.  The Rokat build the toughest ships in the universe.  Most of them are said by the Rokat to be able to enter the cores of stars where they can manufacture blue-sun steel in large quantities.

This is a little about Black Moons and their systems.  I will probably not be adding anything of a damaging nature about this type of ship, because I am sided with the Rokat Empire’s plans to conquer Earth.  The Black Moon is a class of ship with many configurations, so this chapter will talk about features common to most if not all Black Moons and other vessels crewed by the Rokat.

The ship’s crew only has access to the ships computer systems if their bio-signature is input into the master computer.  The Rokat equivalent of biometrics is hard to beat, simply because only the original owner of the genetic codes is allowed to access the computers.  There is a second measure in place that allows the crew of the ship to override any command that puts them in danger.

Black Moons have transporters that can beam people and objects off the surface of the Earth while the ship is in orbit.  The limit of the transporter is 1.5 light years at best in optimal conditions, but I have heard that transporters can reach as far as 150 light years in test versions.

Black Moon ships can enter and survive the gravitational environment of a super massive black hole.  There is one case described in my channelings of a Black Moon’s crew living in a super massive black hole, taking advantage of the time dilation effects in order to outlive all life in the universe.

The Black Moons are the crescent shaped crafts on either side of the irregular shaped craft.  Black Moons come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them follow a similar hull plan.  All designs have a crescent shaped main hull with or without external protrusions like those pictured here.

These are an example of the Dominion Black Moon, which are without any external lighting and two protrusions, which serve as the hangers for fighter ships.  The Dominion Black Moon has 5 decks and is much thicker, so this craft is less stable in an atmosphere than the Kidasuna design.  Fighters are small ships used to engage small enemy ships and as landing craft.  The Dominion Black Moon is a fighting vessel used as a carrier in the fleet.  It is 300 feet across and cannot land on the surface of a planet, because it is too heavy for existing landing surfaces and has no landing gear because of this.

Since the Dominion Black Moon is dependent on small fighters and landing shuttles, it is limited as a civilian vessel.  This ship only has military purposes.  The landing craft can be changed out to serve different military purposes.  The ship’s durability and thickness makes it an ideal science vessel, due to the larger area of deck space for equipment.  This ship has the most powerful engines in the Black Moon fleet.

The picture on the right is a Kidasuna Black Moon, which is a crescent without any protrusions.  It has a similar shaped main hull as the Dominion Black Moon, but can be used as a landing craft.  This ship has external lights which illuminate the landing sight below.  This ship is the same size at 300 feet across, but it is thinner with only three decks.  The Kidasuna design of Black Moon is designed to enter atmospheres and land on planets.  It is an assault craft.

This craft is an excellent all around ship that can do just about anything.  It is often used as the main assault ships and escorts for Shock and Awe Ships.  It has a very powerful engine system that produces a large warp field allowing it to carry other ships in its wake.

Both ships have a top speed of 300,000 light years an year.  These ships are the fastest of the Black Moon Super Class.  The lower profile of the Kidasuna Black Moon makes it a better weapons platform.  It does sacrifice crew space for hull space to bristle with weapons.  This ship is not as tough at the Dominion Black Moon, but it is maneuverable and light.

There are several types of Black Moon.  This is the destroyer for the Rokat fleet.  They even use them to conduct trade, because they are heavily armed and feared, because of their aggressive crews and greedy handlers back on Kidasuna.  This next image is of the Warship Gukal, which is the state of the art flagship for the Rokat Empire, before Jakoba’s rise to the Rokat Throne.  It is said that it is alive and has sentience.

The lights are only on the bottom of the craft.  The glowing circles and lines are part of the hull.  When those areas are lit, the ship is armed for battle.  The glowing lines and half circles are the ship’s lower weapons arrays.  The central circle has to do with the engine core.  The smaller six sided formation of lights are also around another structure containing the loading bays and more weapons.  The central light in the formation is the transporter light.  The hull of the ship is able to produce lights on any part of the surface, but it seems that light only appears from the underside of the craft.

The Warship Gukal was designed by Janu Hitikara as the Rokat Flagship.  It is always being upgraded with the latest technology.  The ship is built with a Dominion hull design without the hanger bays on the rear of the ship.  The Gukal has a handful of fighters attached to the upper part of the hull.  This ship can land on planets and act as a command center.  This ship is not alone in its class, which is called the Cavalry Class.

Now we come upon the most terrifying vessel listed in the Rokat Fleet.  This is the infamously named Love Boat; crewed by the Puthadians and captained by Jubali Tasihara.  This class of ship falls under the Shock and Awe Class.  This ship has a unique color scheme with red and blue lights.  The ship is from a class of ships used by the Rokat to create fear.  These are small ships that measure 150 feet wide and have three decks.  The ship has fixed lights on the underside.  This ship is built extremely tough, but has a weak engine core.

This ship has a max speed of 3,470 light years an hour, which is very slow for Rokat ships.  This ship was designed to be slow, so the enemy could see the threat coming and count down their last days before the invasion.  This ship is used as a first wave and it is said that Jubali leads the first wave attacks in some cases.

The ship has an open design and is easily customized to meet the owner’s needs.  This is the work horse of the trade fleet for local galactic shipping.  The ship is basically a single large room when it is first built.  The interior is built for the buyers needs.  It can carry more cargo than the fixed model Black Moons.  This ship is designed to ride in the warp wake of other Black Moons when a speed boost is needed.

This ship is the toughest ship in the Rokat fleet and is used as a blitz craft.  The captains of this ship would drive head on into enemy lines and use the ship’s nearly indestructible hull as a ram.  The ship has everything internal, so when the ship is locked down it has an equally impervious hull all around.  The pictures will show the lights turning on for an attack or abduction scenario.  This will show you how this craft administers Rokat fear tactics.

There are a few irregular ship designs like the Warship Vanquish.  This is the Rokat’s largest warship and is a single ship in its class.  It is a Fortress Class ship built before the Rokat settled on Kidasuna.  The Vanquish has a feature unique to it that it can travel between universes.

The top photo shows the Vaquish from below.  The middle photo shows the ship from the side.  The third photo shows a small red UFO near the ship’s bridge.  All these pictures were taken by Agian Siin.  The photos were taken at night.  The ship’s antigravity system is ionizing the air around it.  These photos were probably taken in Nevada somewhere.

This ship was made in the Dominion Universe by the Rokat.  It is used by the Dominion Rokat as a weapon to invade other universes and start colonies.  It is used to defend a colony until the colony is able to defend itself.  The ship’s size is unknown, but it is about 800 to 1,000 feet in length.  This ship cannot land, because of its mass.

The ship can break up into three craft.  It has two Dominion Black Moons that it can deploy in a battle situation and a fleet of fighters upon each.  The edge of the Black Moons can be seen as a rounded circle on the top of the ship in the second photo.  The Black Moons are attached to the sides of the main hull.

The main hull contains the trans-dimensional warp, which allows the ship to travel to any universe and location within in a matter of minutes.  This is the most powerful ship ever built by the Rokat.  The ship is probably under Jakoba’s command now and it is going to help lead an invasion.  Since Jakoba’s rise to the Rokat Throne, this might be his current flagship.  The Vanquish is a testing ground for the newest technology and a source for reverse engineering of Dominion technology, which is still not developed on Kidasuna.

This is a Rokat Fighter.  It is a small ship armed with powerful weapons and crewed by at least 3, but can carry up to 10 passengers if it is transporting troops to the ground.  This was photographed over the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

Fighters are carried by Dominion Black Moons.  These ships are extremely fast and as maneuverable as UFOs described here on Earth.  This ship can be destroyed by conventional weapons, but you have to hit it first.  This type of ship is controlled by a brain to computer interface.

This ship comes in at lease two sizes and the smaller size only carries a crew of two.  This ship is a formidable weapon when used in squadrons.  These ships can be taken into the convection layer of a star, but they cannot go any deeper than that.  They use a weak warp field to travel at sub-light speeds up to 80% of the speed of light.

The last ship to be described is a Habitat Class ship.  These come in a huge range of sizes, but they are usually at least 10 to 100 miles wide.  They are made from a glowing mass of blue crystals.  These ships are able to withstand the forces of black holes by generating a natural warp field that cancels out the surrounding gravity fields.  Approaching this ship while it is in motion is deadly.  The ship creates a gravity wake behind its direction of motion.

The ship has a cactus like texture with spires and towers that can be 2,000 feet tall each cover its surface.  If enough of these ships are built, they can be put together to form a planet sized ship with inter-dimensional capabilities.  It is believed that such a ship is the Rokat’s White Heavens in mythology.  This ship is surrounded by a white mist when it is powered up, but this mist clears when the ship stops its propulsion system.  The photo only shows the main entrance into the habitat.

The interior of the ship appears as a single piece of blue crystal.  The ship is equipped with lifts that will take you down the sides of the ship through seamless corridors at hundreds of miles per hour without as much as a breeze.  Once you enter the habitat, you will see an endless sky and a sun that appears as if it were the real thing.  If you did not know where you were, you would not know you were inside a massive ship.

It is said that when a fleet of these ships form a planet, the blue crystal structure fuses and the walls come down to open up the habitats inside.  This can be done to form a seamless planet interior.  From the outside you will see a huge glowing, blue crystal ball about the size of Earth.  The structure of this type of ship can morph and change shape at will.  I am not sure how this ship works, but it is the most mysterious of the ship types I know about.

There is an off chance that this ship is a machine to maintain a pocket dimension that contains a solar system, but further question is needed.  This ship is defended by massive fleets of Dominion Black Moons and swarms of fighters.  There is a ship of this type at the center of our galaxy as is described in the Proof Section on this site.

Genome Writing Program

The 1st Age is best known for the prosperity of the Rokat Empire, but the next thing that is known during this age is the Genome Writing Program (GWP), which started Baline Labs in Puthade, Puthade Prefecture on Kidasuna.  The 1st Age lasted just over a billion years.  The head scientist was Lakisha Hadis, who was a baby that was born on Kidasuna from a woman from the Dominion as a peace offering.

Anyway, now we can get to the good stuff.  Baline Labs and its head scientists are the longest living immortals on Kidasuna, and some of them can be over 6 billion years old.  Daguna Madiki is probably Kidasuna’s oldest resident.  The GWP was the source of Kidasuna’s greatest evils and deeds to do evil.  This program is responsible for the Damos, Puthadians, Sipanis, Lawarians and many other non-sentient plants and animals.

It is not known when the GWP was started exactly, but I am guessing it was towards the last few million years of the 1st Age.  Lakisha Hadis saw a need for electrical power and she decided to create life forms based on the Rokat’s fear of damnation.  She would go on to create the Damos as sex slaves to the Rokat public to damn their souls and collect them as an energy source to power the growing cities of Kidasuna.

I am not making a chapter about Magi-Tech, because I know nothing about it, other than this form of technology is complex and is fueled with the souls of the damned.  Magi-Tech is the source of electrical power for the civilizations on Kidasuna during the 2nd and 3rd Ages.  Only in the last ten years have they started shutting down the Magi-Tech in favor of other mundane technologies.

Since I do not know what year the Genome Writing Program started in, I am not going to have a time line for the various projects.  The first project was to make a race of sex slaves.  It took Lakisha and her scientists 100 years to write a genome for a humanoid they would call Damo.  The first Damo was born from a scientist named Nasuli Midaki.  She was one of the scientists who wrote DNA like a programmer would.

Daguna was the second in command after Lakisha.  She decided to start giving birth to a line of Damos numbered 1-12.  These Damos were put through psychiatric tests.  Since the Rokat do not have psychology, they probably beat the Damos to see how much it takes to make them fight back.  The desired result was that they could be beaten to death without them fighting back.  The original Damos were sold to other labs, so they must have survived the tests performed on them.

After another two years, Daguna gave birth to eight more Damos to be tested at her facility.  I am sure some of the testing had to do with violently raping the Damos to make sure they would take the abuse without complaint and ask for more.  These were a race of sex slaves.

Over the course of the next decade or so, different surrogate mothers gave birth to another 200 Damos.  They tested for product consistency.  They probably achieved their goals rather easily.  The scientists destroyed all the research Damos and decided to go to the public with their sex slaves.  The wealthy Rokat bought them up.

There are no laws to protect Damos, but the first ones sold were a novelty item to be showed off.  They were sold as pets you can have sex with.  They probably lied in the marketing about your damnation, because of the intended idea of taking souls.

The sale of the Damos was slow, because the buyer had to wait five years to receive an order.  The GWP rewrote the genes of the Damo to shorten its childhood to a single year.  This really boosted sales of the Damo.  Now that the Damos dropped in price and rose in popularity, there began to be seen, abandoned Damos.  The owners would abandoned old Damos and buy new ones.  The old Damos were dumped in parts of Puthade that were known to have high crime.

After a few centuries go by, the exact amount of time is unknown.  The GWP sets up a field center in a park were the Damos are known to frequent.  The Rokat call the park The Island or Island.  It is a nameless piece of land in the Puthade River.  The region was not developed until Baline Labs send staff from the GWP to take care of the Damos.

Attempts were made to educate the Damos, but fail.  The GWP later has to send someone to add something to the Damo’s genome to allow their brains to further develop into sentience.  Damos were only designed to live 20 years or 30 Earth Years.

The Damos still do not survive well on their own, so Daguna decides to create a Unified Mind to connect the Damos in groups of about 20 to 30.  The very early stage of this project was done with queens.  These can be viewed as Damos 3.0 or the start of the Puthadian Race.

Now that their minds work as a collective, or several competing collectives, the Damos were now able to learn useful trades and take care of their selves.  The Damos began to form a simple subsistence society.  The Island was not claimed land, so it was taken once value was seen in the property.  The Damos were slaughtered by the military, but a few lived and fled into the city at large.

Lazy business owners saw an opportunity in providing housing and work to the Damos.  They would open brothels and keep all the money to keep the Damos in bondage to their new masters.  The Damos were able to fall back into their original pursuits and have all the sex they wanted, but they could not own property without a master.

The laws in Puthade begin to change to allow the Damos to start getting paid for their work.  The Damos began to save money.  The Damos at some point return to The Island and start to rebuild a city there.  The city quickly grows and they begin to build with stone, instead of wood.

The Tasihara Hive begins to make public appearances, which causes a sharp decline in the sales of Damos to the public.  The Rokat fear that the Damos will strike them and there are a large number of Damo deaths and attempts to destroy the Damo city.  The GWP alters the Damos it sells to make them more docile than before.  The new docile Damo is selling once again.

The Rokat start to think of buying a Damo as adopting a child.  The Rokat are probably still having sex with the Damos they own, so that aspect never really goes away.  Some owners let there Damos free, so they can be with there kind.

The Damos begin to own businesses, which the Rokat really resent.  At this point the GWP abandons the Damos.  The Damos are now able to alter their own genetics, so they are now beyond the control of Baline Labs.  The GWP continues to sell the Damos as sex slaves all through the ages even up till today.

The Damos have evolved into a sexually charged society that eventually runs the Rokat out of Puthade.  The GWP still markets the Damos, so their sale is still taking place in major cities and teahouses of the Rokat where you can buy time with one of them.  The Damos have remained rather expensive through the 3rd Age, especially since the 1750s.  Humans began to take the place of Damos, mostly in ritualized gang rapes.

The Damos have taken a liking to the humans on Earth and this has began a trade in manufactured goods from Earth and a market for human sex slaves that the Damos own.  The Damos might actually have ownership of the GWP and they turn massive profits from that division of Baline Labs.

Immortality Treatment Types

The Immortality treatment is a series of retrovirus drugs used by the Rokat to become clinically immortal.  The Immortality treatment is relatively cheap to make and administer.  Humans have the technology know to produce the first forms of the immortality drug used by the Rokat.  The drugs come in a series, ranging from stopping aging to full restoration and maintenance of youth and health and much more.  All of these drugs are a retrovirus gene therapy.  There are four types of Immortality Treatment and many subtypes that are known, but I will only list those I know about from various contacts on Kidasuna.

I have listed other types of retrovirus drugs used by the Rokat.  The Rokat have a strong trade in genetic codes and enhancements.  Retrovirus drugs are used as the delivery system for the desired effects.  There are actually thousands, maybe millions to billions of actual retroviruses designed by the Rokat.  Some are said to be as potent as changing your species to another.  I have heard that the Rokat have tried to turn humans into Rokat.  None of the Retrovirus drug’s additives are passed on to the children of recipients.  I think this was done by design, due to the Rokat’s attempt to halt evolution.

Type 1: This is achieved by a Telomere Retrovirus that provides rejuvenation of age of about 35 to 50 years.  The telomere additions provided by the virus might be uneven, causing cancer after about 5 or 6 treatments.  The retrovirus does not replace teeth like later versions, so you will be toothless or will have to buy another product.  Type 1 is a high maintenance treatment after the third dose, which gives you a safe 90 to 150 years of added life span.

Type 1.1: This is a supplementing retrovirus used to restore missing teeth and amputated limbs.  This virus turns some of your bone marrow into a prenatal state that provides large numbers of stem cells.  The retrovirus delivery system is costume made to each patient.  The retrovirus can be used on its own without a treatment from type 1.

Type 1.2: These are not really intended for this list, but since this is about retrovirus drugs, I will add them.  This type is a category that has millions of retroviruses in it.  All immunological additives are classified as Type 1.2.

Type 2: This is the next step up in the Immortality Treatment’s evolution.  This retrovirus halts aging at the point of taking the drug.  It causes you to replace your teeth every 50 years, so the recipient never needs dentures after living 150 years.  It is commonly used by politicians and prefects.  This retrovirus drug is often taken in midlife.  This drug only needs to be used once.  The retrovirus reproduces in the host and maintains the effects for a very long period.

Type 2.1: This is a mental enhancer used by prefects.

Type 2.2: This additive is said to enhance sexual potency in those who can afford it.  This is a special additive created for several Puthadian business owners to increase their number of sons.

Type 3: This is the Fountain of Youth.  This retrovirus drug has the rejuvenating effects of Type 1 and 1.1 with the long term capacity of Type 2.  This is the most expensive medical treatment in the Rokat Empire.  This retrovirus drug is reserved for the wealthiest prefects, military and government elite.  Sometimes this retrovirus drug is given to individuals that are of great value to the Rokat Empire as a reward for services to the crown.

Type 4: This probably should not be listed here, but it does give immortality.  This was developed for soldiers and the Rokat elite.  This is an extreme enhancement of Type 3.  It gives greater strength and learning capacity.  It is also claimed that recipients of this retrovirus drug can eat organic poisons and heavy metals at higher levels than normal Rokat.  Other properties are enhanced ability to withstand higher radiation levels and an immune system to withstand diseases designed to kill Rokat.  The drawback is that once you receive Type 4, you will not be able to accept other retrovirus drugs.

Type 4.1: This is only a theory based on something I channeled a while back.  The Rokat made a series of retrovirus drugs to turn a human into a Rokat, but it did not change the soul, so the project was finished and locked away.  The Project was finished, so it is completed, but they will not use it, because a human soul in a Rokat body still breaks too many social ideologies to be used.

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