Sacred School of the Prophecy

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Rokat Society

Rokat History Timeline

1st Age of Kidasuna

Note: The year on Kidasuna is different than that of Earth.  A year on Kidasuna is exactly 1.5039926 Earth years.  The Rokat have made their star system gravitationally stable, so there is no drift of the planets.  This calculation can be used accurately back to the first few millennia of the 1st Age.  The First Age lasted 719,950,154 years.

1: On Fall 60th the Rokat Supply Ship Hopifis crash landed on Kidasuna with 1,200 Rokat.  300 Rokat survivors land in the valley that will be called Shanibala.  The valley was the home of the capitol of the Vinori’s Ellia Kinship.  The six original cities of the Rokat are founded and named.

2: Sometime in early spring the Rokat designed and laid out Shanibala.  By the time the thaw begins in mid spring, building lots have been sold and the first year’s crop is planted.  The Vinori help the Rokat with planting and the building of the houses on Avenue 1 and 2.  Most of the industry is still being taken care of in the ship fragment.  The first shops are opened on Esplanade.

3: All the services and facilities are moved from the ship fragment.  The school and hospital are the last services moved into their current locations.  The hospital handles its first births on record.  The Rokat begin to breed on Kidasuna.  The Rokat begin to build the Gunoshiva Trail and Sipani Pass Trail.  Construction on the Heraldic Temple of the White Heavens begins on the mount call Balithira’s Stariway in Puthade.

5: The first mating between a Rokat and Vinori took place in Shanibala.  This is the birth of the Inugan Race.

44: The Chikopa are driven south and a guard contingent is stationed at Sipani Pass.

45: Sipani Pass Wall is built for the first time.

50: The Rokat begin to realize that they are not returning to the Dominion.

66: The Heraldic Temple of the White Heavens is completed.

88: On Winter 50th the Sacred School of the Prophecy was founded as the Sacred School in Zigoto.

92: The Heraldic Temple of the White Heavens is built into a citadel.

112: The Rokat are given Gate Crystals by the Vinori.

163: Zigoto is founded as the 28th city on the Gunoshiva Trail.  Puthade begins to extend trade routes to the neighboring Vinori villages.  The Rokat in Puthade are gifted the Black Altar of Seuwrhan by the Dosuka.

166: Zigoto’s harbor is built.

188: Gunoshiva and Puthade Prefectures discover each other’s existence.  Both ends start building a road with a high cost of life.

211: The Sacred School became very popular among both Rokat and Vinori.

212: The Gunoshiva Road finally connects to Puthade after 24 years of work.

316: Zigoto installs a deep channel harbor for large river boats to Puthade.

490: The deep water port in Zigoto saw a huge increase in traffic to Puthade and the other river towns that are now being built.

515: Economic and social prosperity mark the beginning of a Golden Age in the Gunoshiva Prefecture.

520: Zigoto has a population of 11,492 Rokat.  The Vinori are not counted, but an estimated 1,000 could be living within the city itself.

550: Zigoto reaches a prosperous 25,000 Rokat.

582: Puthade reaches 10,000 Rokat.

645: A ship from the then unknown Kidasuna Toki reaches Zigoto.  The tropical island of Namira is discovered.

777: Rokat farm land begins to rub shoulders with Vinori lands.  The first tensions with the Vinori begin.

1,022: The Rokat begin to expand their steal industry.  The next 100 years saw the opening of iron mines and the building of many of Zigoto’s steal mills.

1,266: Tensions rise between Zigoto and a nearby Vinori city called U’ailli.  The Rokat and the Vinori know a lot about each other’s religions.  The Vinori started to terrorize the Rokat by burning down industrial buildings.  Later that year Hara Naruchito, Zigoto’s leader ordered generals from Shanibala to train a professional army.  Electricity is installed in Zigoto.  By late Fall the Rokat had burned U’ailli to the ground.  Sometime in winter the Vinori has engaged the Rokat in open combat.  Many on both sides are killed, but the Vinori were wiped out and U’ailli was exterminated.

1,267: There were a few survivors from the slaughter of U’ailli and they reported the slaughter to all the nearby Vinori towns.

1,269: 30 Vinori towns now know about what the Rokat in Zigoto did to U’ailli.  25,000 Vinori lose their lives in an attempt to sack and burn Zigoto.  They met with a trained and armed public.  The Kinship of Ellia is nearly wiped out.

1,358: Inuga reincarnates as Janu Hitikara in a house near downtown Zigoto.  Janu’s parents in that life are the demons, Shimuk Chathu and Shipa Suka Chathu.  Construction of the railroad to Puthade is started.

1,373: A meteor shower falls north of Gunoshiva causing four years of darkness.  Janu casts Curse of Tribal Racism, which leads the Rokat to slaughter any Vinori they could find.

1,377: Kurane shines after four years of darkness, which ends a global famine.

1,378: On Summer 38th the Rokat rename Zigoto to Shikodu.

1,630: The first compound bow is built in Shikodu.

1,984: Janu Hitikara was about to rule Kidasuna.  Puthade reaches 100,000 Rokat.

1,999: The city is fast becoming wealthy.

2,011: Puthade begins to build the great passenger rail system called The Web.  Puthade’s population is 300,000 and climbing fast.

2,016: The city breaks 1 million Rokat.

2,187: Kinship of Ellia falls to the Rokat and is added to Gunoshiva Prefecture.

2,350: Puthade reaches a whopping 50 million Rokat.  Puthade at this point will remain Kidasuna’s largest city.

2,400: Puthade is made the Imperial Capitol.

2,401: Janu moves to Puthade to raise his family.  The Rokat Throne is moved into the Heraldic Temple of the White Heavens.  Janu orders a house to be built in sight of the Heraldic Temple of the White Heavens.

2,623: Warp Drive is reinvented.

3,465: The solar system that which Kidasuna is in is gravitationally stabilized in the state it is found in today.

4,666: Magi-Tech is being developed into working designs.  The theories were ignored no longer.  Growing needs for electricity and power systems for spaceships are producing a demand for Magi-Tech development.

4,712: Kidasuna is geologically stabilized.  All plate tectonics stop and the resource recycling systems of the planet are replaced with Magi-Tech nanites and an ocean floor conveyer to help power the global system.

120,094: Magi-Tech is beginning to be developed into a viable power system for the cities of Kidasuna.

124,002: The first large scale Magi-Tech power plant that is two years behind schedule finally opens to power Puthade.

845,277: Blue Sun Steel is invented.

845,282: The first Black Moon is constructed outside of the Dominion.

845,307: Parudav Moku is settled by the Boroshi Bloodline and several other families.

920,000: The Rokat have widespread colonies throughout the Andromeda Galaxy.

2,904,537: Trans-Dimensional Warp Drive is invented.

10,000,000: The Rokat celebrate 10 million years of prosperous civilization.  The celebration is said to last the full year in some smaller cities.  Weekend parties were celebrated everywhere for a whole year.

14,800,697: Baline Labs opens its doors for business.  Baline Labs, first project is to produce medical immortality.

14,800,717: Baline Labs tests a retrovirus to attempt to produce a clinical immortal Rokat.

14,800,722: Daguna tests the final version of the retrovirus on herself.  She has type-one immortality, in which she will simply stop aging.

14,800,830: Type 2 Immortality is put through its final stages.

14,801,008: Type 3 Immortality is perfected and Daguna Midaki takes the first dose which will last forever.

15,000,000: The Rokat decide to expand and colonize heavily.

287,000,478: Torasa the Wealth Witch was born.

287,000,494: Torasa marries Kino the planet’s wealthiest individual.

287,000,564: Kino dies and leaves his full estate to Torasa.

700,000,000: A dwarf galaxy begins to merge with the Andromeda Galaxy.

709,339,113: Miaki Hadis visits Puthade to deliver her daughter Lakisha Hadis and a trade agreement is made with Kidasuna.

709,339,114: Janu moves to Kidasuna Toki to escape the burden of raising Lakisha Hadis.  The child is left with Daguna Midaki.  She is one of the founding scientists of Baline Labs and one of the first clinical immortals.

709,339,117: A child named Girone was left at Janu’s doorstep.  The child is claimed to be the reincarnation of Yahweh in a Vinori body.  He is also believed to be the lost brother of Agian Siin, who at this point has never been to this universe.

709,339,120: Janu begins to train his children in the art of magical warfare.  They are going to be taught to fight and control the Darkness of Lore.

709,339,121: Jatok moves to Puthade to befriend Lakisha Hadis, which was a trick to get back at Janu for leaving her with Daguna Midaki.

709,339,123: Lakisha begins to help out around Baline Labs.

709,339,128: Lakisha steels DNA from Jatok, because she could lever get close to Janu.  Lakisha Hadis is given a building at Baline Labs where she starts to work on her own projects.

709,339,130: Lakisha is beginning to really hate the Rokat for her mistreatment.  She decides to create a living sex slave to seduce the Rokat and take the damned into a Magi-Tech power plant to have their souls suck out of existence.

709,339,134: Lakisha’s Genome Writing Program takes over such a large section of Baline Labs that the labs were turned over to completing the program as Baline Labs 2.0.

709,339,136: Baline Labs is deeded to Lakisha Hadis, but will still be owned by the Midaki Bloodline.

709,339,238: The first Damo was born.

709,341,000: Damoes were given autonomy to govern themselves.

709,341,145: The Damoes were allowed to own businesses.

709,342,211: The Damoes were self governing with help of a new race called the Puthadians.

719,950,154: Lakisha’s Puthadians and Damoes drove the Rokat to a final act to curse the Heraldic Temple of the White Heavens.  The Rokat sacrificed 10,000 of their own citizens and the priest killed himself.

2nd Age of Kidasuna

Note: The Second Age lasted 4,712,510,932 years.

1: The Rokat face tyranny and a changing of the Ages.  The Rokat elite were beginning to strip the rights of the people.  A group calling themselves the People’s Pillar a thin person’s elitist group tried to oppress obese people in Rokat society with deadly results.  The case remained in the courts for a few years.

4: The Grand Thinker, which is an obesity rights group, became violent.  They marched and took over the seat of government in Kidasuna Toki.

5: Members of the Grand Thinker took over control of the school systems, giving them an educational advantage.

15: The Grand Thinker had enough power to begin throwing members of the People’s Pillar into forced labor camps and left to die from exhaustion.

27: The Prophecy was discovered and printed for the people.  It corrupted the establishment with very dire results.  The reign of terror lasted hundreds of years.  The People’s Pillar was eventually completely annihilated.

407: The Rokat under the Grand Thinker’s rule had built up a system of mental hospitals.  Political criminals were housed and drugged.

411: The Ring of Logic was forming and gaining a large following.

488: The Ring of Logic had formed a council that worked with the Grand Thinker.

522: The Ring of Logic after years of trustworthy service suddenly turns on the Grand Thinker.  The Ring of Logic sets free all of their members from the mental hospitals and they take control of the Rokat Empire.

523: All the laws that controlled what was ethical were repealed.  The Rokat quickly dive into illegal research projects in case the Ring of Logic is overthrown by yet another group.

530: The Ring of Logic resurrected the Hitikara Dynasty, at that time was damned in Kurane.  Janu Hitikara takes control of the Rokat Empire, a federation in name only.  Janu cements his control of Kidasuna by campaigning in wars to conquer each prefecture.

542: Janu begin to conquer the native populations.

545: Kidasuna is united under the current banner it flies today.  The banner is called the Gold Star Banner and it has not changed since.

616: The Temple of Harmony is founded by Jubali Tasihara.

85,927,200: Jatok moves to Puthade and begins his reign of terror.

85,927,204: Jatok’s reign of terror ends, leaving 800,000 Damoes and 4,000 Puthadians dead.

150,000,000: A dwarf galaxy called White Cloud One merges with the Andromeda Galaxy.

211,666,610: Lorida and Torada Hadis travel to Puthade to open Huniro University for the Puthadians.  Construction on Huniro University begins.

211,666,616: Huniro University is completed and opens its doors.

211,666,725: The Heraldic Temple in Kidasuna Toki opens its own university.

211,667,034: Huniro University begins its eternal stagnation.  The University in Kidasuna Toki takes in the fame and fortune.

211,667,307: The university system on Kidasuna returns to its long term stagnation.

999,998,304: Lakisha begins to suffer major mental health issues from a long standing stagnation of her life.  The monotony has gotten to her and she begins to make plans for a more diabolical creation.

1,000,000,000: Baline Labs begins the Jirami Project to create the Sipanies.

1,000,004,567: The first Sipani is born.  Several Sipanies are made that year.

1,000,004,469: Lakisha is stripped of her deed to Baline Labs.  Lakisha goes into hiding with several geneticists to continue work on the Jirami Project.

1,000,004,483: Lakisha is raped by a Sipani and has a natural born child from the coupling.

1,000,013,101: Lakisha obtains a reasonable amount of money selling her creations.  She sends the Sipanies to other worlds to rape them raw.

1,000,015,766: The Sipanies revolt against Lakisha and give command of their minds to Jubali Tasihara.  Sipani rapes become common place in and around Puthade Prefecture.  There is wide spread fear of the end of time.

1,000,020,103: The Rokat leaders summon Sirina the Beholder to know the truth.  She meditated on a mountain for over a billion years.

2,467,843,316: Sirina the Beholder spent 1,467,823,213 years writing a single prophecy.

4,712,510,305: Prophecies are being seen by many Rokat Prophets of a war that will destroy Rokat Civilization.

4,712,510,932: Janu Hitikara saw the final vision of the war to come and soon after Yahweh attacks Kidasuna ushering in the 3rd Age.  The war was believed to have started sometime in late fall.  Satina Siin and his people enter the universe through a wormhole from the Dahl Universe.

3rd Age of Kidasuna

Note: The Third Age is still going and has at the time of writing this has counted 3,165,845,966 years as of 2013.

1: Satina Siin’s empire began to spread hatred.  The battle began in space.  The Rokat used their Magi-Tech starships to deal with Yahweh’s armies above the planet’s atmosphere.

3: The Magi-Tech from the Rokat and the armies of Yahweh turn the sky red hot with the blasting of their powerful weapons.  An air battle takes place that lasts years.  The skies where reddened by the smoke of fire and wars.  There was probably wide spread use of high yield explosives, but not nuclear.

9: The armies of Kidasuna were turned against Namira Prefecture and they sailed ships to the shores of the island.  The ships arrive at Namira Island to surround it completely with vast fleets.  Shakina Hitikara, a Celestial casts a spell to throw storms of deadly proportions and destroyed all the ships.  For the next month Namira rejects the enemy troops and most are killed off by the island itself.

15: Yahweh and the rest of Kidasuna gathers a single vast army to mount the final attempt to get rid of Shakina and Shikina Hitikara.  Yahweh at this time is a White Ciakar.  He unleashes his full forces on Kidasuna.  The full might of the Rokat Magi-Tech fleet is called home to help defend Namira.  A huge battle takes place in the skies above Namira.  By the end of the year the Magi-Tech is destroyed.

16: This year starts with heavy ground fighting and the vast armies of Yahweh and those of Namira face off in an epic battle.  By the time this year ends, it is all the forces of Yahweh against the Shakina and Shikina.  The war is slowly cutting its way to Kidasuna Toki.

17: Shakina stands alone against the full might of the armies of Yahweh.  She uses her Celestial powers to slaughter and burn the warriors.

250: The war with Yahweh is turning in Shakina’s favor.  She has now begun to beat Yahweh’s forces off of Kidasuna.  She begins to live the Blood Lust.  Shikina is still defending the Heraldic Temple in Kidasuna Toki, while her battle hardened sister attempts to destroy the Ciakar home world.

251: Shakina returns to Kidasuna to summon Sipa Suka Chathu against the remaining forces of Yahweh.  All the worlds allied to Yahweh are attacked by deadly gamma ray bursts from the Celestials.  Many planets are burned molten hot.

267: Shakina uses the Sword of Chaos and wastes the last of Yahweh’s physical armies.  This event ends the first war.  Shakina uses the Sword of Chaos to destroy Yahweh and she throws him into Kurane.

268: The Rokat polish off the last of the Ciakars.  The land is poisoned by the bodies of the dead Ciakars.

270: Kurane loses hold of Yahweh and thus the forces of evil contained within are let loose.

274: The Ciakars finally weaken Kidasuna’s defenses enough to reach Shikina and the Heraldic Temple.  Janu takes his position in defense of the Heraldic Temple and both he and Shikina rip the Ciakars to pieces.

275: For the next seven years the Rokat face curses of demonic beasts released from cauldrons.

282: After the Ciakars release their curses from the cauldrons the power of Janu Hitikara was able to command the beasts to attack their masters.  Yahweh loses another wave of soldiers.  Jesus is damned to Kurane and named a master.

284: Tausyu Siin, who is involved with Yahweh and the Ciakars cast a powerful spell to burn Kidasuna with a thundering wave of fire over the whole world.

299: Janu Hitikara casts dark spells to turn the Ciakars to evil and they began to collapse to the will of the Rokat.

345: The Ciakars send yet another wave of soldiers to the front lines against Janu and Shikina Hitikara at the Heraldic Temple.

377: The Ciakars and Yahweh send another set of seven curses, which causes demons to appear.  Shakina calls upon the full power of the Celestials and becomes the Sword of Chaos.  Shakina and Shikina Hitikara become as hot as the core of a star and burn the Ciakars until they are completely gone.  Shakina lets her fury go out of control and she attacks Yahweh with her full power.  Since Shakina was insane with rage, she could not control herself after Yahweh open the gates to all the Hells he ever made into her soul.  Shakina’s body was destroyed.

380: The First war ends as abruptly as it started.  Kidasuna is given a breather to recover some normalcy.  The Covenant of the String and Cam is formed between Jakoba’s platoon buddies.

387: Hanikoki is founded to house the Holy Virgins away from Yahweh.

420: The Temple of the String and Cam become a popular hunting club.

570: The Rokat have fully rebuilt and their numbers are quickly rising.  The Rokat establish a more peaceful trade empire.

610: The Rokat have nearly recovered on Kidasuna.

722: The Rokat are rebuilding the Magi-Tech and begin to incorporate it into everyday living.

795: Baline Labs is employed to solve a food shortage that is beginning to plague Kidasuna.  On Winter 88th the Lawaro Project is started.  The population of Kidasuna tops 4 billion Rokat.  Baline Labs starts writing DNA strands for the organisms that will live on an artificial planet.

812: Famines reduce the population of the Rokat to 2.7 billion.  Ecological disaster causes a slow recovery.

818: The Rokat reach a stable 3.5 billion and force abort babies to maintain this number.

824: The Rokat begin work on the artificial planet called Lawaro.

826: The Rokat are encouraged to breed.

839: Millions of young Rokat are sent off of Kidasuna to scour the nearby star systems for material to construct Lawaro.

1,244: Lawaro reaches its final mass.

1,249: The ships are sent out once again to gather fluid materials to produce oceans and atmosphere.

3,680: Lawaro is finished and allowed to cool.

27,012: Baline Labs begin to grow test organisms for research.  Baline Labs begins work on the Lawarians.

42,305: The first Lawarian is made in Baline Labs.

45,900: The Lawarians undergo final tweaks to their DNA.

50,000: Lawaro is first visited by a research team.  The planet is still an ocean of orange hot lava.

50,001: Baline Labs shelves the Lawaro project until such a time that life can be planted on Lawaro.

120,000: The Lawaro Project is reopened.  Simple bacteria are introduced to the Lawarian ecosystem.  The Project is reduced to a two person team to monitor the progress of the bacteria.

148,042: The Lawaro Project is bumped to seven people and the terraforming process is stepped up by introducing complex life forms.  This process takes several hundred thousand years to complete.

2,358,815: The Lawarians are created in Baline Labs and 1,000,000 of them are sent to Lawaro.  The Lawarians find a hot and humid planet with lots of volcanic activity.

2,358,817: Yahweh returns to wage war against the Rokat.  The Rokat have become extremely powerful and influential.  The Rokat have built an extremely large fleet of Magi-Tech.  97% of the Rokat at this point live onboard Magi-Tech Habit Class Ships to prevent another such incident with Yahweh.

2,880,716: Janu orders a vast fleet to assault the Ciakars.  Billions are quickly destroyed.

2,888,722: Another huge battle takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy.

12,034,718: The Rokat face an all out invasion from the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Rokat are able to repel all the forces.

12,034,721: The Rokat are encouraged by Janu Hitikara to have large families and donate their children to the war effort.  This is the first use of child training camps on Kidasuna.

12,034,723: On Winter 8th Jakoba Hitikara is born in the village of Zanu in Nakoto Prefecture just north of Shikodu.

12,034,736: The Rokat add 3 trillion soldiers from all one billion worlds in the Rokat Empire.  An order is placed to send off the trained soldiers to the nearest Magi-Tech Habitat.

12,034,744: Yahweh causes an uprising within the colonized worlds of the Rokat Empire.  A form of Christianity is started by messiahs sent to reincarnate within the Rokat Empire.

12,034,745: The Rokat make Christianity or any worship of Yahweh punishable by death.  Billions are convicted and killed.  The uprising will be a continuing problem throughout the war.

12,034,759: The Temple of the String and Cam forms from the core members of the preexisting covenant.

12,034,760: The Rokat seek and destroy anyone who worships Yahweh.  The war turns into a religious genocide.  From this point forward, the war is about crushing the light within the Rokat Empire.

12,034,763: The Temple of the String and Cam is sent to Parudav Moku to destroy all Christian Rokat.  The war becomes very bloody.

12,034,778: The Rokat constructed the Fire Slayer bow.  The Fire Slayer is delivered to the frontlines on Parudav Moku and billions died.

12,034,795: The Temple of the String and Cam orders the construction of the rest of the eventual 666 Bows of Agony.

12,034,802: The Fire Slayer is used to defeat the rise of Christianity on Parudav Moku.  The Temple of the String and Cam replaces Christianity with their state religion.

12,034,803: Yahweh sends a final assault against Parudav Moku.  The war is so bloody that the rivers clot solid with blood.  The Temple of the String and Cam enforces the state religion with absolute and maximum force.

12,034,805: The High Council in Kidasuna Toki declares All Crimes upon Parudav Moku.  The entire population is sentenced to death.  The 666 Bows of Agony arrive on Parudav Moku and they are used to execute the resisting Christian forces.

12,035,007: 99% of the Rokat population on Parudav Moku has been slain in accordance with All Crimes.  The war is over and the few who lived are forced to follow the state religion.

220,000,000: The White Cloud Two merges with Andromeda and gives the galaxy a double core.

772,000,481: Yahweh is finally pushed back with a long drawn out war.  The war was not as rough as the first wave, but the battles took place very far at the fringes of the Rokat Empire.

1,204,503,382: The Rokat begin a campaign of settlement upon newly gained worlds to replace the ones that had been destroyed in wars.

2,005,933,201: Vinori are sent to Fuloru to colonize the planet in an attempt to get them off of Kidasuna.

2,006,204,692: The Vinori form a thriving space fairing civilization.

2,016,391,965: Lakisha Hadis was brutally murdered by the Sipanies led by Jubali.

2,016,391,976: Lakisha Hadis was born in Puthade.

2,016,391,988: Lakisha Hadis regained control of a Sipani legion.  She took her legion to Fuloru in Nolomi Dwarf Galaxy, which was colliding with the Milky Way Galaxy.

2,016,391,992: She started to wage war against the resident Rokat of Fuloru.

2,016,391,994: Fuloru’s Rokat are exterminated by Lakisha’s Sipani legion.  They claim the capitol in Tartarus.

2,016,391,998: The Temple of the String and Cam is sent to Fuloru to capture and torture Lakisha Hadis.  The battle begins just as a chain of volcanoes blew their tops.  Almost everyone on both sides of the conflict died as a result of ash fall, rather than the battle itself.  Tartarus was destroyed along with most of the Hades Prefecture.

2,016,391,999: The Temple of the String and Cam execute Lakisha Hadis, to find she is immortal and cannot die.  They made two attempts with a pair of Bows of Agony.  Lakisha Hadis is taken back to Kidasuna to face Justice.

2,849,700,328: Janu Hitikara raises an army of the dead and demons to attack Kidasuna Toki.  The city is severely damaged as a result.

2,849,700,330: Another army of the dead is released by Janu Hitikara and plans are made to assault the White Heavens.  Janu uses his powers of sorcery to release the hordes of Kurane upon Kidasuna.

2,849,700,331: Kidasuna is in the midst of a battle with Kurane’s demonic forces.  Kidasuna Toki is struck by an earthquake that destroys more of the city.  After the earthquake levels what is left of Kidasuna Toki, Janu casts a spell to spread fire storms across the city and destroys it all the way.  The destruction of Kidasuna Toki and the burning of the world is claimed to be a cleansing.  Agian Siin is named leader of the White Heavens.

2,820,604,934: Double core merges into a single core.  Mass extinctions take place all over the Andromeda Galaxy.

2,849,700,332: Janu Hitikara summons the Rakashanamakanas into the physical reality to eat and consume the flesh of those who betrayed him.  Civil war breaks out across Kidasuna, because of madness.  The armies of Kurane march on mass upon Kidasuna to conquer it for evil.

2,849,700,357: The Rokat aligned to evil have now erased all that was good on Kidasuna.  After this point, the most powerful religious temples were Seuwrhanic.

2,849,700,360: The Rokat decided to invade Lawaro to crush a rebellion.

2,849,700,366: A major global restoration takes place to rebuild after Janu Hitikara’s attacks on the Rokat.

2,934,361,891: The Trials of Divinity start.

2,934,361,897: The Trials of Divinity end.

2,934,361,898: Agian ascends the Vinori Thrown.

3,099,833,019: Fovita Fane Marries Jubali Tasihara.

3,121,626,418: The Rokat has to restructure the way it does government.  A new leader is sought after billions of years of war and decline.  The immortals from the second age begin to raise concerns about the decline of the military health of the Rokat Empire.

3,161,295,008: The events surrounding the events to do with the Siin Family caused a council to be formed on Hatona in the Andromeda Galaxy.

3,161,295,012: The Council of Hatona made a decision to use Earth as an experiment to create a path to Ascension.

3,161,295,095: A Sirian outpost is built on Mars by order of the Council of Hatona.

3,161,295,103: The Sirians research methods to achieve Ascension on Earth.

3,161,295,130: The Rokat created the first Kundalini and hand the technique over to the Sirians to achieve Ascension.

3,162,118,054: Janu sees a decline, but he becomes mortal from this point on and nothing is done to fix the problem.  Decline of the military and the population as a whole begin to become noticeable.

3,165,767,094: The Kireli on Hatona decided they will oversee how the humans on Earth are handled.

3,165,823,701: The Annunaki were opposed to colonizing Earth, but they did extensive mining using human slaves.

3,165,823,983: The Annunaki finally colonized Earth and had extensive use of the planet with Rokat approval.

3,165,841,417: The Pleiadians took advantage of the situation and helped the Annunaki create the elite bloodlines.

3,165,841,666: The Galactic Federation of Light decided fatally to resurrect Shakina.

3,165,841,668: The Rokat mounted an invasion of the Ciakar home world with Shakina at the head of the army.  Yahweh is quickly subdued by the power of Seuwrhan.  Shakina immediately declares that a third of the Ciakars is guilty of earlier wars against the Rokat and decides to brutally slaughter them.

3,165,841,669: Shakina uses the power of her sisters to place a curse that all that is sided with Yahweh shall burned and others were thrown in Kurane.  Some were made immortal to suffer forever.  The judgment Shakina placed was something the Ciakars still fear to this day.  They hate the Rokat and after this date fear the wrath of Kidasuna’s powerful protectors.

3,165,841,672: Shakina decides to take her revenge against the Galactic Federation of Light.  She uses the Rokat to invade the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Rokat conquer hundreds of worlds

3,165,841,683: Billions of prisoners are slain in arenas of death and sport across Kidasuna.

3,165,845,794: The first humans from Earth are brought to Kidasuna to be used in food production related research.

3,165,845,796: The first human ranch opens in Shanibala.

3,165,845,806: Races of Humans was written by the Department of Agriculture.

3,165,845,872: Janu Hitikara was reincarnated on Winter 35th in Shanibala, Gunoshiva Prefecture.

3,165,845,888: Janu writes the Prophecy from Winter 1st to Fall 103rd.

3,165,845,917: Project Armageddon is started in Shanibala.  Project Armageddon is part of the Weaponized Software Division of Baline Labs, which was set up to produce lethal software to be run in the background on computers.  Project Armageddon is ongoing to this day and shows no signs of being halted for any reason.

3,165,845,964: Agian Siin assumes the Thrown of the Rokat Empire.

3,165,845,966: Jakoba Hitikara assumes the Rokat Thrown after a hard battle with Janu Hitikara’s regime, which at the same time wanted to return to power.  Jakoba starts building Kurane Cores at a rate of four per year.  Construction of Jakoba’s flagship begins.  Michiro Hutaki uses a spell to enslave the will of Jubali and becomes a MAN GOD.  Jakoba orders a fleet to the Milky Way to begin the war with the GFL.  The Rokat Empire is in such decline that it can do little to stand up to minor threats like the GFL.  An alliance is made with the Toma an old enemy.

3,165,845,967: Jakoba Hitikara’s inauguration takes place on Winter 1st.

Technology Zones

The Rokat live on Kidasuna live in a variety of Technology Zones.  The Lowest level on this system is the Classical Era, which in our terms would be about the same level as 1890 America.  There are electric lights in the houses and telephone lines.  It is not much different than living in a Victorian Era community.  The next is the Common Era which is equated to 2050 Earth.  Cities under this level are quite luxurious.  The next and highest level is Imperial Era which is where the Rokat incorporate their most advanced technology into everyday living.

The Classical Era Zones cover most of Rokat Civilization where the cities are smaller than 50,000 Rokat.  There are exceptions to this, but they are few and far between.  I have a strong reason to believe that this is where the Rokat’s technological growth would have peak if it were not for the Darkness of Lore on the Dominion, Seuwrhan and Janu on Kidasuna for bridging huge gaps in technological advancement.

The Rokat seem to start colonies with Classical Era and let them develop past that, and few ever do.  The Rokat build colonies with Classical Era level of technology and let the colony grow and return later to add a spaceport to begin to trade with it.  If the colony is very important, they will develop it well beyond the Classical Era.

The Common Era is most often used for cities that manufacture technology and equipment for common use, hence the name.  Common Era is well advanced for Earth’s level of technology.  The most advanced technology used at this level is antigravity, genetic manipulation such as genome writing, DNA computers, lazars and cell phones.  Most of the technology is already present on Earth, but not at the sophistication as seen on Kidasuna.  Computers are faster and more complex than those found on Earth.

The Imperial Era level of technology covers starships and space faring technology.  Civilian technology was never developed to its maximum, so the bulk of resources were poured into starships.  The Rokat have a few cities that incorporate this level of technology, but it is only small parts of large cities.  I have no information on what technologies are exclusive at this level, but I will say that Warp Drive is one.  Anything that has to do with space travel would be here.

The Rokat tend to mix technologies.  Bus systems are often dated to the Classical Era and are styled as such.  The modern city in Kidasuna would effortlessly blend these elements together.  Cars and roads fall under the Classical Era as well.  Brick streets can be found in downtowns of even Kidasuna Toki, Kamanachi and many other very large cities with spaceports.

Rokat Technology

When Janu became a Rokat after being imprisoned in Kurane, he became super corrupted by evil and used Seuwrhan’s power to develop technology that no one can build.  The Rokat now have access to this technology, which is something the Rokat might have to create a whole new technology level for.  The main things that Janu pioneered was the construction of a manufactured galaxy called a Heraldic Galaxy, which uses Kurane Cores to maintain all the stars by recycling the helium back into hydrogen to power the Kurane Core, while the star turns hydrogen into helium.  This is a self-perpetuating cycle that in theory can last forever.

The other aspect of Janu’s design is to surround the galaxy with a network of force field emitters to send any radiation trying to escape the galaxy back into it.  With this entire infrastructure going up, the galaxy inside the shields would be completely invisible from the outside.  The Rokat have already under Janu built machines to pull matter from inside a black hole allowing the Rokat to use black holes as a source of energy and matter to build atoms.

The other area that Janu really went deep into was writing the DNA of all the plants and animals needed to sustain life in the Heraldic Galaxy.  It is believed that Janu designed exactly one billion inhabitable planets for the final Heraldic Galaxy.  The Rokat are currently busy testing the systems around Kidasuna which is going to be the first planet inserted into the Heraldic Galaxy.

The Rokat are beginning to build this masterpiece of engineering.  The Rokat have created a few spaceships that defy technology.  The Rokat have spaceships that can dive into the burning atmospheres of stars and even enter black holes using some sort of graviton shield to resist the tidal forces inside.

Many alien species have graviton shields, but no alien species can build them with the strength that the Rokat have achieved.  This shield is also used as a primary weapon against material craft and planets.  The Rokat have not yet tested the field strength at dispersing an entire star, but if there is enough strength in the field to repel the tidal forces of a black hole that it would be possible to tear a star apart by using the field to overcome the star’s own gravity.

Graviton shields might have a set range to why the technology is not employed to destroy stars.  Knowing the Rokat, the range will be increased with time as the technology is developed even further.  The Rokat are known to have nuclear weapons on their ships, but their main fire power comes from antimatter based weapons.  The delivery system used for antimatter is usually a high powered lazar.

Rokat City

Getting Around

It is easy, just get on the bus, pay your fare and sit down.  This is how you would get around in the cities.  For those who live far from a city or town will have to drive a car.  Kidasuna has many options to get from one place to another.

If you live in a large city where private cars are either illegal or unpractical, you will find a bus line nearby in most neighborhoods.  The cities are so well connected you can take public transportation to 95% of the populated areas on Kidasuna, for the remaining 5%, you need a boat.

Buses on Kidasuna come in three sizes, small, medium and large.  Small buses carry 16 to 24 people through neighborhoods and across trunk lines that follow the major streets.  The medium buses carry 48 to 60 people and run along the major streets to the business and industrial districts.  The large buses carry 100 or more people between cities and go long distances across the mainland of Kidasuna.

In some of the old cities where history is important or elegance is preferred, they use railroad trolleys that run in the old parts of the town.  These are common in places like the old towns inside Puthade and Kidasuna Toki.

The subway seems to be rare since only Puthade has a subway system in place.  Puthade is so large that a high-speed underground system is needed to get workers into downtown.  I was told that the trains can go over 200 mph in the suburbs.

If you want to cross the ocean, they also have island hoppers.  These are ferries that carry vacationers to the islands where most of Kidasuna’s super resorts are located.  Booking passage on one of these ferries is not cheap.  The boats are traveling thousands of miles into the ocean following the archipelago that stretches a third of the way around the planet.

Kidasuna is too small for you and you want to go to another planet, you can book a seat on a space ship.  This service is run by private companies who are often based in Puthade where there are no regulations governing their practices.  Some captains might be running illegal materials in or out, but it is the risk of going aboard someone’s ship.

If you have the luck of owning your own car, do not try driving into downtown, they only accommodate buses.  Parking lots are rare outside of the suburbs.  Rokat love their history so much they made it illegal to tear down their old buildings to build a car culture.  You will have to park at a transit hub and ride the bus.

Cars are small, but not unlike our Smart Cars.  If you drive a truck, you can go anywhere you are told to deliver something.  Trucks have some unique technology in the way they are driven.  Trucks can drive sideways and rotate on a dime.  The wheels on trucks are all driven by independent motors and can rotate on hubs allowing the truck to rotate and drive sideways, whatever is needed.

Kidasuna’s railroad network is very limited as it can only bring goods into and out of major cities.  Small towns follow a trunk line highway and sometimes a railroad if it is a high production zone where truck traffic would clog the local roads.  Railroads mostly move products from site to site construction, like done with starships and other large products having to do with the space industry.


The Rokat style of entertainment is through theater and dance.  The stories told are mostly heroic battles, like Greek Mythology.  Sometimes a tragic love story makes it to the theater, but it is rare.  The Rokat enjoy music and making music, to why the Rokat say that the dying screams of their foes are music to their ears; though this does not match the actual music of these people, it does describe their violent nature and love of war.  War and battle have penetrated through every class of Rokat society that even the most refined of this species enjoys watching an execution.  Bars and drinking make up a large proportion of Rokat life that whole cities exist for it.

The Rokat Teahouse is the most popular form of entertainment among Rokat.  The teas they drink contain psychotropic compounds.  The interiors of these teahouses are brightly painted, often in contrasting colors and stained glass windows.  The teahouses advertise with red signs and in the old days before electricity, used fire of varying colors in their lanterns, which adorned the porches of these houses.  Lanterns are still use in most cases, but now are powered by other light sources and not fire.

The teahouses cater to the majority atheist Rokat population, since only the elite use the temples for rituals.  The majority of the population goes to teahouses to have religious experiences induced by chemical highs.  The fun about the teahouse for most is the funny antics of patrons as the night goes on.  Some Rokat begin to dance and just act silly under the influence of the teas drunk at the teahouses.

The styles they use for clothing, architecture and lifestyle has gone unchanged since the dawn of their civilization.  What has worked the best has not changed because of aesthetic appeal; it is left to endure the ages.  The Rokat have basic clothing styles, mostly to function and identify a worker type from another.  Since Rokat have a rudimentary artistic ability, common themes exist throughout the Empire.

The Rokat enjoy participating in weapon sports, like Kotomaji, which is like falconry with native bat species.  The Rokat have very exclusive leagues and a few area in which the art of Kotomaji is used for a livelihood.  Some extremely wealthy Rokat have been able to import birds from Earth to compete in a very elitist style of Kotomaji.  All sporting events used to show off skill are open to the public, but prices to attend range wildly from free to the price one would pay for a mansion.

Archery is another sport the Rokat enjoy doing and watching.  Rokat bows have an extremely high draw weight, which is around 450 to 600 pounds.  Rokat train very young as age 2 or 3 with bows that measure in at 30 pounds draw weight.  The Rokat are known to have extreme skill with bows and competitions are marked by contests of hitting fist sized targets at 3,000 feet.  Archery is probably the most popular hunting sport among the middle classes since Kotomaji as a sport is very elitist.

The Rokat also have a form of dodge-ball, which is very easy to play and has few rules.  The score is counting how many strikes you can get by hitting the other team’s players.  The sport trains with a hard rubber ball, but professional leagues use an 18 pound steel ball.  Injuries are common and the players use very little protection.  It is said that this sport is played by the Warrior Class when there are no wars to fight.  The sport has a lethality that is as high as fighting a real ground war.  This is the football and baseball of Kidasuna.

Dress and Appearance

In Shanibala, most Rokat wear only the basics and usually plain colors too.  In Shanibala, clothes are made to order, you cannot go buy ready-made clothes.  The tailor shop will keep your measurements on file so that your next visit goes by much faster.  They measure you nude, so that the measures are of your actual body.

Traditional wear for a farmer is a robe, similar to a hip length kimono, made from heavy wool.  Underneath are worn black pants that fit close to the skin and a sleeveless shirt that can be of any color.  The kimono is sleeved and over the robe is worn a knitted vest with a button closure on the front.  The vest can be knitted with patterns to identify the family, which he works for.

Indoors workers forgo the kimono worn outside; instead they wear a white shirt with long baggy sleeves.  The vest worn indoors is woven of fine threads and is usually a plaid of the colors of his or her choosing.  Rokat usually wear black close fitting pants, at least in Shanibala where summer temperatures rarely reach 70 degrees.

The sorcery class typically wears plain clothes, only wearing their ceremonial robes at the time of rituals.  The ritual robe is most similar to a Japanese Kimono.  A Rokat is nude under this robe.  This robe is fashioned from fine silk.

The nobles wear very elaborate versions of the traditional garbs worn by Rokat.  Nobles seem to fancy the clothing of Puthade, though not made for the cold climate of Shanibala.  The nobles wear Puthadian made clothes to the teahouses, using an overcoat to protect them from the cold.

Monetary System

Ruva is the global currency and is used widely by the Rokat and other species that were spawned first by Kidasuna.  Ruva may be using a different system to determine its value.  The Rokat have a target value that they try to maintain at all costs.

The government mints coins.  There is no paper money.  They have cents, which are divided into fractions, instead of 100 cents; they have ½ ¼ ⅛ Sharuva coins.  The government only mints money as is needed to maintain the pool of money within the system.

The Rokat monetary system is based on the rate of spending.  The Rokat government keeps a record of the base prices of all goods and services offered to the consumer.  The Rokat have a yearly average on record, so any deviation from that baseline is reflected in inflation and deflation of the currency.

The first line represents the percentage of deviation in spending from global average.  The second line represents the amount of deflation and inflation of the currency.  The third line represents an example based on a R1,000 Ruva purchase.  When the economy swings beyond the 18 percent range of deviation the prices lock at the highest shift of 24 plus or minus percent of average.














The Rokat also have an income based pricing system to greater lesson the extent of power of the super wealthy and increase the buying power of the super poor.  This next chart shows the price differences between different income rates.  Rates are not based hourly like on Earth.  Most businesses calculate income by a daily rate.














For small villages and Classical Era communities the price on store shelves is based solely on the first table.  If the market spending is 9% above the global average, a R1,000 Ruva purchase will be R1,257 Ruva.  If you live in a Common Era community the price will then incorporate your income.  The price you pay on credit will be the average between the Market Rate and your income.

With the Market Spending in our example being the 9% above global average, we will make a R1,000 Ruva purchase with a R13-15 daily income rate.  The purchase is R882 Ruva on credit.  If you pay in cash the same purchase would only account for the Market spending which would make it R1,257 Ruva.


Kidasuna has a system of immigration in which Rokat starseeds can return home.  All spaceports maintain a classroom at a local university for reintegration into Rokat society.  The class will cover all the subjects of this book and more.  The Rokat Empire does not have a Visa Program or National ID.  Identification on Kidasuna is done by police fingerprint scanners and is only used in criminal justice.  There is no system in place to identify others on the street other than by what they say.  Once you are allowed to attend the Immigration Class, you are pretty much a citizen of the Rokat Empire.

During the class you will live on the campus where the class is being held.  After the class is completed in a year; you will be helped in acquiring the social services you need to live on Kidasuna.  You will be allowed to live your human life span, but you will have the Star of Shakina tattooed on your right hand with a special ink.  The ink can be identified by police scanners to avoid fraud created by free humans.

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