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Alien Abductions

Journey to the Center of the Galaxy

I was taken on the night of February 12th 2007 at a time I do not really know, because something was different.  I was asleep and was awaken by a being made of light that touched me and the feeling was like static shocks on my right arm where the being touched me.  I woke up and I was lying on a bed in a room made of metal walls and had computer consuls along the far side of the room.  The walls had pluming and tubes like a WWII submarine this would be the best likeness I could think of.  The room was dimly lit and the computer screens provided most of the light.

The light-entity spoke into my mind with thoughts and she told me who she was and her name was Shakina.  She told me to get up and follow her to the bridge.  I sat up on the bed and stood up.  I felt a bit dizzy and I did not know why.  She put her hand on my forehead and the dizziness went away.  She somehow knew before I told her.

The door to the room opened and I walked slowly toward it and Shakina said come this way and I went with her through the corridor which had pipes and valves all along the walls and ceiling.  The ship had long corridors and many doors.  It looked big.  I walked, but she kind of floated a few inches off the ground.  As we made our way to the bridge where we were going I saw other light beings moving around the ship.  I asked her if I was the only fleshy being on the ship and she said yes.  She told me about why she came here.

She talked about the Nibiruan Council had attacked their largest ship that came here for another human.  She told me the attack was in late 2000.  They were building a base in our galaxy to prepare for something, but would not say what it was.

We walked for about 5 minutes and came to a large open room with a ring of 6; 15 foot tall tanks of blue liquid that reached the ceiling.  There was a large circular railing in the center of the room.  She told me this is the power core of the ship and is the center of the ship where all the corridors meet.  We walked to the center of the room and I stepped through an open spot in the railing and the floor shifted.  The platform lifted into the air and made a buzzing noise as it did.

A porthole opened in the ceiling of the room and I was lifted through it onto the bridge.  The platform stopped and I saw a large cockpit like structure in the front of the room.  It had 2 seats next to each other with light beings sitting in them with their fingers embedded into what I thought were the controls of the ship.  Behind the pilots is a large table with a hologram star map of the Milky Way.  Shakina said it contains the ships path through the galaxy and that was the red line headed to the center and heading across to the other side.

She took me to the front of the room and told me to take a picture of the
star and black hole pair.  She did not let me take picture of the ship's interior or anything that would help “the infidels” as she called them.  I think she meant Earth Governments.  I lost track of time so I can not say how long I was standing at the ship's bridge watching stars breeze by like fire flies.

After we got to the center of the galaxy it had so many stars, that I could not see how we would dodge them all to get to the center where the super massive black hole is.  As we got close you could actually see the stars around the black hole moving across our field of view.  Shakina told me that something special was going to happen there.  Shakina told me a very large ship was waiting for our arrival and it is a habitat class carrier.  The largest ship the Rokat built.  She said inside is a place called the Heraldic Temple.  We were called to meet the High Priestess there for an event like no other.

I could see a star moving in the wrong direction from the others and knew it was not a star, but the ship we were headed towards.  We got closer to it and it just got bigger and bigger.  We came real close to it and our small ship was dodging towers and protrusions on the hull of the large craft.  We came to the top of the ship and a large spaceport was prepared to receive us.  They landed the ship I was in on a giant elevator and it lowered us into the massive craft.

I felt the gravity change and I got slightly heavier.  Shakina was standing behind me the whole time.  She told me to go back to the lift platform and we would be taken to the ground.  I did as she said and the platform went down 3 decks on the small ship and through the bottom and I stepped off into a large holding area for ships.

This must be where they park all the ships used by these light-beings.  I saw at least a hundred ships right away and saw that there where many more behind those.  The whole room appeared to be made from a crystalline structure.  Light came from the structure of the room.  The ships were saucer, sphere, cigar and star shaped.

The ship I was brought on was unique; because it was 6 sided and looked like black glass.  The ship has a very jagged appearance, like it was crudely chipped out of a larger piece of glass.  It was so black I could not really see details on it.

We walked away from the ship hanger and went into a small personnel lift.  Shakina said this would take us to the habitat area inside the ship.  The lift went sideways down a corridor that slowly curved downward.  This corridor was smooth like glass and reflective.  Light seemed to come from every point on the walls.  It was blue in color and it glowed like it was hot but it was not.  The whole corridor seemed to be one continuous piece for the whole trip.

We went fast on this lift something like 200 mph.  The weird thing was there was no wind at all.  After about 10 minutes we got to the bottom of the corridor.  The bottom of the corridor opened up to a port for sailing ships.

A boat was waiting for us.  It was like a medieval sailing ship.  Never would I think aliens of any kind would have a wooden sailing ship in operation.

We walked to it from the wharf and a fleshy person dropped a rope ladder for me to climb aboard the ship.  This ship had fleshy people on it.  They were really tall and dark skinned.  The men working this ship were all the same kind of people.  Shakina stayed behind at the wharf from where I left on the sailing ship.  (Fleshy refers to physical flesh and blood people.)

The ocean was very beautiful and calm.  I could not tell from the habitat that I was in a ship.  I could see land and I knew that must be the island spoken about so much.  I now get to see it for real.

The sky was blue and sunny with a few clouds.  How do they get weather inside a ship and the sun to shine like the real thing?  It took a few hours to reach the port on the island.

This was where Agian said she lived.  “She’s the head of my order on Earth.”  I could recognize some of the features she described where on here property.  She had a light house on a stony tower with a natural stone bridge leading to it.  When I saw that I knew this was Agian's home.

We came into the harbor and a few boats came out to lead us into port.  It took some time so I tried my camera while I had a view of the whole thing and the battery was dead.  I so wanted a picture for my desktop image.

After the ship was tied down the people in the town came to greet me and the sailors from the ship.  Two strong men brought a stepping ramp to the side of the ship and we got off the ship.  Another light-entity was waiting in the crowd.  She telepathically told me she was the High Priestess of the Heraldic Temple in Miroda.

I know what the town layout is like, but I have never seen it for real.  I had to push through a crowd of people wanting to see their loved one who came home.  The priestess had to part the crowd, so I could get through.  The fleshy people here are really tall and powerful.  It was hard to get through them.

Most of them dressed like we do on Earth with a few exceptions.  They do not wear those stupid jump suits like the Grays wear.  They look really human except for their ears which are pointed like the elves in Lord of the Rings.

The cities in the ship look very close to old styles of buildings we have all over the Earth.  The only thing that was really amazing is how they built a ship so big it has a whole island inside it.  We where in a black car made to look like an old style horse carriage.  The cars are similar to the concept cars we have in showrooms today.  They do not have airplanes flying around and there is only one island, so there is nowhere to fly to anyway.

I was told by the priestess that dragons live in the mountains and elf like beings dwell in forbidden valleys on the far shore.  The island is a mystical place taken from a long destroyed planet far older than our universe.  The one thing I saw a lot of were buses with ornate metal and wood work on them.  Who ever paid for this must have been rich.

I saw houses much like those in any modern American suburb.  The live in the past but work in the future.  It seemed odd that their homes would be such a common design that we probably live in the same types of houses here.  Their shopping street is filled with shopping centers like here.  I could go on forever about the larger city.

After a half hour we got to the tiny town of Miroda where the Heraldic Temple is.  The town looked really old.  The priestess said it was original from the planet this island was salvaged.  They of course maintain the town and the laws prevent its citizens from adding to the buildings, so everything is still the way it was when the town was built.

The houses are wood frame and very intricate.  The houses were built with details wherever something could be added to spoof up the area.  The houses are all painted white and some of them had vines growing around the posts on the front porch.  It looked like a dream; it was that beautiful and well kept.

We got through to the downtown which was only two blocks of shops.  The shops were made from marble and built with statues on the corners and religious looking scenes under the gables of the roofs facing the street.  The sidewalks were built of large stone blocks while the streets are paved with dark bricks.  We made it two more blocks and turned off onto a side street where the Temple is by a river.

We got out of the carriage thing and walk along a stone path that led to the front of the Heraldic Temple.  The doors opened by themselves which was really cool.  We walked inside and another light-entity was standing there waiting for us.  We bowed to her and she led us to the altar.  The inside of the temple was big and had really tall windows that let in plenty of light.  The priestess asked me not to talk about the interior of the Temple because it is sacred and only those who ascend to the proper level should ever now what lay within.

Well we did the rituals and a gate opened that is behind the altar.  The whole back wall had the gate carved into it.  The back wall opened up and revealed a bright light.  I saw brilliance like the sun shining into the great hall of the Temple.

The priestess stepped into the light and asks me to follow her.  I did and I felt as if I was weightless.  The priestess held my hand and pulled me deeper into the light.  All I could see was white light.

The priestess said my camera would work again and told me this should be seen by all who know the Creator’s Will.  So I did and it turned on.  I saw the light fade and it turned black as night.

I had the camera on and pointed ahead of me.  I saw a light start to shine and started recording the journey into the tunnel of light.  It only took a minute, but it felt like forever.  I could hear voices and felt at one with Creation.  I could hear the thoughts of everyone on the ship and soon the whole galaxy.

She said it would make sense to one like me to hear the thoughts, because how close I was to journey's end.  I stopped recording out of respect for the highest being that dwells inside this sacred place.  I felt I should and so I turned my camera off and stashed it in my pocket.  I went so far that all things became one with me.  I can not really explain how I felt in there.

There is no word for it, but I blacked out when I was there.  The priestess continued to talk to me even though I was out cold.  I felt as if the whole universe was downloaded into my soul.  I guess the memories will come back when I am ready to know.  After that I must have been returned home to my bed.  I hope I get the climax of this soon; I feel it will be very important.

Insectoids Take Me

I was taken by insect humanoids Wednesday night, I would guess around 3am to 4am.  The abduction lasted about 15 minutes, but that could have been exaggerated due to my intense reaction to being taken and paralyzed.

I woke up paralyzed on a ship of some kind.  The room was about 20 feet wide with lots of computer monitors and medical looking equipment attached to the ceiling.  The walls had lots of pipes and tubing where the walls were visible.  The only light came from the computers, so the room was dark and barely lit.

The aliens were about 6 feet tall; they looked like giant upright bugs.  I could not see them clearly, but I did notice huge insect like mandibles that were 8 or 9 inches long, kind of shaped like the thumb on a crab claw.  They had three fingers on their hands with small claws on them.  The upper body was really thin, about as thick as my thigh, maybe a little thinner.  I do not remember seeing the lower body if they had 2 pairs of legs or just one pair.

I woke up in the described room on a table.  The table felt cold, that is what caused me to wake, so I know I could not have been their long.  I woke up paralyzed, but I quickly broke through their paralysis and rolled myself off the table and onto the floor, which had rubberized metal grates or something like that.  I do not know if the paralysis was from a machine or the aliens, but whatever its source, it was no match for the strength of my resolve.  There were three of these insect like humanoids in the room with me.  I could tell they were not up to any good, having to sneak me into their ship for whatever ends they were trying to perform.

As soon as my senses were clear enough, I jumped at one of the beings and bit onto its mandible and wrestled it to the floor and tried to kill it by biting at the neck area as it clawed at my sides.  Another of the beings bit into my leg, just below the family jewels, but for some reason there was no blood even though some of the teeth had broken my skin.

I twisted around and tripped the one that bit me in the leg and threw it onto the wall, it felt like it had weight, maybe 120 pounds.  It hit the wall and busted a pipe with steam coming out of it.  I am not sure where the third insect humanoid went, but it must have ended the astral abduction since I was trying to take over the ship.

After the encounter had ended, I woke up in my bed, but I had no marks on my body from the fight with the insect humanoids, so I believe the whole thing was astral or something.  I guess that ship would have done me no good if I had taken it over.

Abduction of May 20 2012

I woke up the morning of May 20th 2012 with marks on my neck.  I am not sure what is going on, but I plan to retaliate once I find out who did this.  All I know is that I do not feel perfect, like something is trying to stop me from wanting to share this, so I am forcing it to be shared and my way to get this out.  I had a strange dream that I lived by a river, not sure where, but I found some glass artifacts in the shape of the Nephilim.  They looked like miniatures only about 3 to 4 inches tall.  That seemed like the most important part of the dream.  Another notable and out of place thing was next to the mud and clay area I found the miniatures were pits full of cow skulls and bones, all bleached white.

Here is the info on the image.  It was taken with a Jazz HDV147 Digital Camcorder.  I had to take a screen shot and crop it down to the size of the video frame.  The marks are clearly visible on my neck.  This shot was taken on May 20th 2012 at 10:00 am.

Something is putting a feeling into me and my heart races at times like something is trying to stop me from finding out more.  The symptoms associated with being able to share this material have since subsided.  I no longer have any reaction to the marks.  I am going to seek out hypnosis to find out what happened, but at this time nothing has been done.

Shadow Box's Power

This is what happens when you are exposed to the power of Shadow Box.  This is a dangerous component to Windows 8 that the Rokat have control over.  I witnessed someone getting a nosebleed on BART while using a laptop running Shadow Box.

When I tested a weak version of it, I felt disoriented.  Some of the affects are delayed.  You may feel a loss of coordination and a feeling of being drugged.  Many of the symptoms of Alien Abduction are also felt by using a computer having Shadow Box.

You will also have red marks on your body that feel warm like sunburns.  One of the other noted events around Shadow Box is the feeling of ground movements.  The ground movements feel like a 3.0 earthquake and persist while you are near the computer.  This movement can be felt outside computer stores and other places where a large number of computers with Shadow Box can be found.

An example of a burn from behind in delayed reaction to exposure.  Burns may manifest up to a couple of days after exposure and persist for several more days.  Prolonged exposure will result in nosebleeds and continued exposure can result in cancer of the brain and eyes.  Look for headaches, it can be a sign that a Shadow Box is near you.

Agian's Death

Agian Siin the leader of the Coven of Blood Raven died January 28th 2012.  This is the bloodiest result I ever had from a ritual.  There are many I cursed death upon, but this is the messiest I have had in all my years of using these books.

Me and my coven, which is still open to new members is the Howling Moon.  Anyway, on the 27th of January, I and two friends cast a spell called Sahia Sacrifice on Agian Siin.  The night of the ritual was as cold as my heart and as frozen as my emotions.  I had forgotten the ritual supplies at my motel room.  We were about to give up the ritual until Alicia forced herself to go into the icy cold to pick up my pack with all the ritual supplies.

When she got back, I set up the ritual circle in Daniel’s room.  I drew the star with chalk on his carpeted floor.  The star was only visible as a line of crushed pile.  The altar was fashioned from his computer table.  We opened his windows all the way to let a breeze through the room.  There was no wind at the time of the ritual.

Daniel and Alicia stood in the center of the circle as I lit the candles.  The ritual started and we all recited the incantation to kill Agian.  As the ritual went on; we could feel Agian notice the power attacking her.  We could feel the evil of our intentions to want her dead.  We raged and let the hate flow into the incantation.  When we reached the end of the spell we finished it against the instructions not to finish it.

It took us several days to find out that Agian was indeed dead by the hands of a demon.  Now comes the part where I rant about how bloody the results were.  We were told that she was ripped up like a sheet of clean white paper in front of the Great Hall where the High Council met during the day.  Her body was in pieces and her severed head was on top of the bloody mess with fear frozen into her face.  Agian loved to command demons, so whatever killed her had the power to rip her up and resist any attempt she may have put forth to prevent it.

All three of us got drunk in celebration to our victory.  This was the pinnacle of the Howling Moon’s power.  After the ritual, things seem to have gotten better; knowing that Agian is gone forever, but her plans to ruin my life have not let off.  She has set up some kind of will in which her coven will still work against me.  The whole ritual was in vain, but it does not matter.  They will never openly try to curse the Howling Moon.

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